FAQS – Private GPs

Below are some of our frequently asked questions regarding Private GPs. For help and advice give our team a call on 0116 366 6866 or use the form to request a call back. 

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How quickly can I have an appointment?

This does depend on how busy the GP’s are, however, most providers aim to see everyone as quickly as possible and at a time to suit them, usually within the week, in many cases, this could be the next, even the same day.

Does my NHS doctor need to know about this appointment?

No. Your appointment and the discussions you have with any Private doctor or nurse is confidential and no information will not be forwarded to your regular doctor without your consent.

Can I get a home visit or weekend appointment?

Yes. Most private GP services run on the weekends and sometimes in the evening too. Home visits are often available on request.

If I need further treatment can you provide me with a referral to see a specialist?

Yes. Most Private GP’s can provide referrals for further care, treatment or tests in the NHS or to other private service providers.

Will my GP always be the same?

Where possible most providers will accommodate requests to see specific doctors. You can usually specify to see your preferred doctor by checking their availability and booking online or over the phone.

Can I see a female/or male doctor?

Providers will always do their best to accommodate your request for a preferred doctor.

I live abroad, can I still be seen?

Most providers welcome temporary residents and visitors from abroad who need to see a GP or require a specialist referral.

Who has access to my records?

The only people who will have access to your health records are you and the appropriate members of your surgery. If you choose to share your records with your NHS GP then they will also have access to them.

How long will my appointment be?

Often there is a choice between a 15, 30 and 45-minute consultation. In some cases, the doctor will advise of the length of time required determined by the nature of the appointment.

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