Shareholder Protection – Lessen The Impact Of Loss

Shareholder Protection is a way of protecting your company from the effects of the loss of an investor or shareholder due to sudden illness or death. Providing an immediate cash lump sum, it allows the remaining business owners to purchase the shares from the deceased’s estate, leaving them in control of the business.

Share Holders in Boat

Why Would I Need Shareholder Protection Insurance?

Consider the consequences if a major shareholder lost their life…

  • What would be the impact on you? This could be your lifelong business partner.
  • What would be the impact on your business? They may play a major role in big decisions.
  • What would happen to their shares? These may be passed onto a husband or wife.
  • Could a relative to the shareholder take a role in your business? You may find someone stepping into their shoes who lacks the necessary expertise.

Make sure you are the one making the big decisions by protecting your business. Put measures in place today, which will help to prevent unwanted interference in the future. Legally binding agreements are included in these arrangements, ensuring you and your business can move forward should a shareholder or investor lose their life.

For more information and specific questions please see our Shareholder Protection FAQ page.

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