International Private Medical Insurance – falling sick abroad

International Private Medical Insurance (PMI) helps to put your mind at ease whilst living or working abroad. It allows ex-pats, employees of international companies, owners of an overseas home or those taking a career break, gain quick access to medical treatment from a reputable specialist in an overseas hospital.

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Why Would I Need International PMI?

  • You’re working abroad. Should the worst happen, you can rest assured that you can access tests, treatment and aftercare at a place and time of your choosing.
  • You’re living abroad. Whether you’re retired, taking a career break or have a second home overseas, you will have peace of mind that you can seek treatment quickly reducing any stress or worry.
  • Your partner has been moved overseas by their employer. Your partner may have their own policy through their employer – but what happens if you fall sick? Secure your own recovery, and your family’s.

What Does it Cover?

Imagine if you or your children became sick abroad? If you are based overseas, International PMI is a lifeline for when you are in urgent need of medical care. In an emergency, if you can’t be treated locally, most policies will evacuate you to another location and even another country, if needed.

International Private Medical Insurance (PMI) covers you for private medical treatment abroad. At Halo Consulting, we will listen carefully to your situation, where you will be living, and find the right option for you, your partner and your family, should you ever need to use it. Don’t run the risk of having to find treatment in another country without International PMI.

For more information and specific questions please see our International PMI FAQ page.

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