Keyman Insurance – Protection From The Loss Of Key People

Keyman Insurance protects your company from potential damage or loss in the event of a ‘key’ person within the business suddenly become unable to work due to death or illness. A cash lump sum would be paid to your company to compensate for any loss of revenue and profit.

Keyman Insurance Illustration - Employees on Star

Why Would I Need Keyman Insurance?

Who are the most important ‘key’ people in your business?

  • How integral to your business is your Managing Director? Without their vast knowledge, experience and important contacts, the business could struggle.
  • Do you have a star salesman who brings in high levels of business? Without their leads and sales, your profit margin could take a direct hit.
  • Do you rely on a highly-skilled engineer to manage your machinery? In their absence, business-critical operations could halt.
  • Do you have an IT Manager or Developer who looks after your systems? IT systems underpin many business functions, which could suffer in their absence.
  • Do you work closely with a Finance Manager or Financial Controller? Without their advice and expertise, big decisions may become riskier.

Without Keyman Insurance, you could face financial pressures, reduced cash flow and even a loss of customers. By putting in place protection to safeguard against the loss of the most important people in your company, you can rest assured that your business will be robust enough to stand the impact.

For more information and specific questions please see our Keyman Insurance FAQ page.

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