Comprehensive Sickness Insurance – Residency and Visas

Comprehensive Sickness Insurance is the Home Office term used for Private Medical Insurance (PMI). If you are a non-UK citizen, it protects you should you fall sick, and satisfies the Home Office requirements in relation to residency for EU nationals.

Why Would I Need Comprehensive Sickness Insurance?

  • You’re an EU citizen living in the UK, are classed by the Home Office as self-sufficient and looking for UK residency.
  • You’re married to a UK citizen and you need to protect your right to stay in the UK.
  • You’re an international student who has a place at a UK university.

Home Office Requirement

The Home Office may refuse your right to stay in the UK without Comprehensive Sickness Insurance, even if you are an EU citizen – don’t take the risk.

What if I have a European Health Card (EHIC)?

A European Health Card (EHIC) is only allowed if you don’t plan to stay in the UK permanently – you will need to declare this.

  • Are you sure your country of birth has the right agreement in place with the UK?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer the option to stay in the UK should a good opportunity arise?
  • Would you like security knowing that if you fall sick, you can access medical treatment without any problems?

Comprehensive Sickness Insurance can be a very complex area to understand. Halo Consulting will help you find the best options for your personal and professional situation. With our caring and supportive approach, we’ll bring clarity to the small-print so you can get on with your life.

For more information and specific questions please see our Comprehensive Sickness FAQ page.

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