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Below are some of our frequently asked questions regarding International Private Medical Insurance. For help and advice give our team a call on 0116 366 6866 or use the form to request a call back. 

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Who would need an International PMI policy?

This is suitable for anyone working or living outside the UK over an extended period of time – e.g. an expatriate and their family wishing to experience a similar level of healthcare as they would usually receive in the UK.

When taking out this policy, would I need to be in the UK at the time?

No, International PMI can be arranged for expatriates across the world.

Is there a maximum number of claims in a year?

This depends on the plan you choose, which will determine the amount you can claim. Please speak to one of our advisers who will advise you on the limits in relation to your plan.

Would the policy terms and conditions be subject to change?

Sometimes, insurance providers may change terms and conditions – if this is the case, you will be informed by post of any changes with prior notice but any changes are usually only implemented at renewal.

Would International PMI cover emergency evacuation?

Usually, International PMI policies would cover emergency evacuation, whether this is returning you to your home country, or you would be moved and treated in a nearer place/country. Please speak to one of our advisers who will advise you on your policy terms and conditions in relation to this benefit.

How are the policy premiums worked out?

This would depend on the country you would like cover for, your smoking status, your age, as well as the level of cover you need.

As I get older, would my policy premiums increase?

The chances of you making a claim will increase as you get older – your annual premiums will reflect this. Plus, more advanced drugs and medical treatments could cause your policy premiums to increase.

What is the policy excess, if any?

For International PMI, you can choose the level of excess at the start of your policy and alter the excess at renewal, if needed.

Are there different forms of underwriting for this type of policy?

There are two types of underwriting – Full Medical Underwriting (FMU) or Moratorium. This will be chosen when you complete your application form.

Could I use this cover for business or is it only relevant for an individual?

You can take out International PMI on a company basis or for an individual.

Would my International PMI plan be valid if I move to another country?

Some International PMI plans have geographical restrictions (e.g. excluding cover for the US) – this would depend on the insurer and the policy.

What does the term “deductible” mean?

The term Deductible means eligible medical expenses will have a stated amount of reimbursement, which the policy does not pay for each calendar year and for each insured person. Before benefits are payable by the Insurer, an individual deductible amount must be satisfied. Usually, the deductible amount is applied to the first claim submitted for each covered person per calendar year.

Would pregnancy be covered under an International Health Insurance plan?

Higher cover plans usually include pregnancy – however, there could be a waiting period before any claims can be made (typically, 10 months or more).

What is the process for making a claim?

Claims Forms, Helpline Cards and useful contact numbers should be included in the insurer’s membership pack. Usually, out-patient costs will be dealt with by using standard Claim Forms (i.e. you pay first, then this is refunded). You may need to seek pre-authorisation for any in-patient treatment first by contacting the insurer’s helpline prior to seeking treatment and before any costs are incurred (if this is possible). We advise always calling the insurer’s helpline before you seek any treatment and paying out any relating costs.

Would any sporting activities be covered under an International Health Insurance plan?

Unless you have declared that you take part in a hazardous sport or activity, there are no exclusions relating to sporting activities. Some hazardous sports and activities may not be covered – you would need to agree in writing with the insurer to cover you in such cases.

What is the difference between ‘standard’ and ‘comprehensive’ plans?

Usually, a standard or basic scheme will cover day care, in-patient and post hospital treatment, home nursing, complications of pregnancy and any emergency dental treatment. A standard plan would not cover dental costs, out-patient care or routine maternity care. As a comparison, a comprehensive scheme would cover all of the above, as well as out-patient care and specialists – often, this can include routine dental and complementary care. A Fully Comprehensive scheme will usually cover routine dental and maternity benefits. Comprehensive plans will tend to have higher budget limits than a Standard plan.

How does International PMI differ from Travel Insurance ?

Travel insurance is not suitable for those looking to work or live abroad because this type of policy only provides cover for accidents and emergencies – you may be required to return home to continue your treatment. Plus, the basic cover provided for medical treatment only lasts up to a maximum of 30 days, usually, as well as protecting you against flight cancellations and lost luggage. As a comparison, International Health Insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy covering routine surgery, emergency medical treatment, and other healthcare benefits suitable if you are abroad for a long period of time. Plus, global medical insurance would provide private healthcare at a hospital of your choice – you would not need to return to your home country unless you choose to.

Are chronic conditions covered by International PMI?

You may be able to make a claim to stabilise the condition, if this develops during your insurance policy. The insurer is likely to pay up to an agreed maximum amount for medical treatment required to control the chronic condition (e.g. £20,000).

Would I be able to choose the location for my treatment?

Yes – this is one of the main benefits. Having the choice of which doctor treats you and in which hospital is the main advantage of having International Medical Insurance.

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